Is salmon oil good for your dog?

Hey there dog lovers! If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of salmon oil for your furry friend, you’ve come to the right place. As experts in all things canine health and wellbeing, the Total Pets team are here to shed some light on this pawsome topic.

Salmon oil has been making waves in the world of pet health for some time now, and for good reason too. From promoting a shiny coat to supporting joint health, this mighty fish oil packs a punch when it comes to keeping your pup in tip-top shape. 

Now that we’ve scratched the surface on the benefits of salmon oil for your dog, let’s take a deeper dive. Is salmon oil good for your dog? Time to find out! 


Good for High Nutrient Content

Salmon Oil, or more specifically, Norwegian Salmon Oil, contains a multitude of omega fatty acids that are vital for keeping your pet’s coat well-nourished and feeling silky soft, keeping their joints supple, easing itching, and supporting general health. Take this as your first sign that salmon oil is indeed good for your dog. Now, enter Total Pets Norwegian Salmon Oil to better paint the picture - our 100% natural product contains 21 omega fatty acids and unrivalled quantities of EPA, DHA and DPA (important anti-inflammatory agents), plus 0.5% tocopherols (a natural form of vitamin E to help keep the product fresh whilst also contributing to skin health).

Good quality also counts. At Total Pets, we believe in using only the freshest salmon which, in turn, offers the best nutrition. We source our Norwegian salmon from traceable origins, giving us the purest product possible, with no artificial additives or colours. When you buy from us, you buy safe in the knowledge that you’re feeding your pet as well as you’d feed yourself.


Good for Skin & Coat

Say goodbye to dry and itchy skin once your furry friend starts taking their daily dose of salmon oil. The fatty acids found naturally in salmon oil help reduce inflammation throughout your dog’s body, which reduces symptoms of itchy skin (allergies), inflamed joints, hot spots, gastritis and other conditions. Whilst working hard to combat these issues, the omega-3s will also nourish your pooch’s skin and coat, promoting the shiniest, glossiest coat you can imagine.

As with most transformations, these things take time. We suggest a minimum of 4-6 weeks of usage to begin seeing a more radiant coat on your dog. You can also expect to see dry, cracked paws soften up during this time - make sure they’ve got their ‘Paw’ command down to see the benefits!


Good for Energy Levels

Struggling with a slow and sluggish hound? Salmon oil is one supplement that can help their energy levels soar. Once absorbed into the body, the omega-3s in your salmon oil are converted into energy to help complete basic bodily tasks like fuelling cell functions and building strong cell membranes.

But, the energy benefits don’t slow there. The fatty acids also play a key role in managing cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels, supporting stamina and cardiovascular health. So, get ready for longer walks and zoomies all the way!


Good for Weight Gain

This one goes out to all the puppies out there… Watch them smash their growth targets and milestones as they get bigger and stronger thanks to their salmon oil. Packed full of nutrient-rich sources of fat, our salmon oil is a healthy way to encourage a puppy’s weight gain, or indeed an adult dog’s, should they be struggling with being underweight too.


Good for Joint Care

Keep your dog’s agility and vitality ticking along in good shape with the nourishing power of salmon oil - or as some like to call it, liquid gold! Omega-3s help to protect against the deterioration of joints which, with regular usage of salmon oil, keeps you on top of their joint care with just the tip of a bottle.


Good for A Tasty Treat

Get your nutrients and your goodies ticked off in one with a spoonful of salmon oil. It’s good for your dog because it will make their taste buds dance. Don’t take our word for it - we put our product to the ultimate test and the pets’ palates have spoken: 100% of dogs and cats go wild for Total Pets Norwegian Salmon Oil.

Hear from our taste testers themselves:

“We give Joe salmon oil to help keep his skin and coat healthy as he gets older. This oil has a low level of smell and is much clearer than others. Thumbs up from Joe! 👍🏻” - Ros S

“My dog takes this happily and it’s easy just to pour a small amount on their food. Great price and fast delivery as well.” - Alan J

“Low levels of fish smell compared to others, very clear and my dog loves it. What’s not to like.” - Rob

“My four year old staffe really likes his salmon oil over his food, really likes it 😋😋” - Alan H


Good for Easy Administration

Unlike some supplements, Total Pets Norwegian Salmon Oil tastes so good to your dog, you’ll have no problem getting them to take it. Simply drizzle it into your pet’s regular food and mix it in well before serving.

See our feeding guide below to check your daily dose measurements:

  • Small dogs (up to 15kg) - 1 teaspoon daily (5ml)
  • Medium dogs (16-30kg) - 2 teaspoons daily (10ml)
  • Large dogs (31-45kg) - 3 teaspoons daily (15ml)
  • Extra large dogs (over 45kg) - 4 teaspoons daily (20ml)

See our FAQs for more answers to your burning questions on salmon oil for dogs.

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